Processed Prunes (Whole, Ashlock pitted & Elliott pitted)
Our Natural Conditioned Prunes - Prune Plums that are dehydrated to approx. 20% moisture.
Prune Juice
Single Strength Prune Juice: 18.5 Brix (minimum)
Concentrate products that are made to our customer's specifications
Prune Juice concentrate: 65 and up to 72 Brix
    Shelf Life: 4 years
Fig Juice Concentrate: 70 Brix
Date Juice Concentrate: 70 Brix
Special Order
Fresh Prune-Plum Concentrate: 70 Brix
Our Fresh Prune-Plum products are custom made to order. Please be sure to contact us before the end of June to manufacture and fulfill Fresh Prune-Plum orders.
Custom specifications and other products are available upon request.

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